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Winsted Custom Wood Parking Lot

Two very close friends and the love of creating beautiful wood products started a new wood manufacturing adventure in 1987. This side-by-side friendship and shared work devotion created a business partnership that has matured several times over and has grown immensely with industry changes, advancements in computer technology for machining wood and from customer demands for quality wood products at reasonable prices.

Dennis Korkki and Greg Stark started manufacturing custom wood products in Greg's garage located in North Minneapolis. After only one year they outgrew the small garage and the two friends moved into a large Minneapolis manufacturing warehouse. With abundant room, newer manufacturing equipment, product inventory, a good following of customers and a very slow warehouse freight elevator, Dennis and Greg were officially business partners flying under the corporate flag known as Korstar Fine Cabinetry. Hiring a few wood working journeymen and teaching quality as the first responsibility, they produced fine kitchen and bath cabinetry, replacement office desk tops and many other products from foot stools to closet organizers.


Korstar flourished without telemarketing, a printed catalog, no outside salesperson, or even a web site. Their organic growth came from one of the best sources around..."Customer Testimonials". With sales and employee growth came growing pains, the 18 year Minneapolis warehouse location was now insufficient, so in 2007 Korstar moved to it's present location in Champlin, MN.

Wanting further expansion and to provide better benefits for their long-time employees, a partnership was formed with the Winsted Corporation in August of 2011. With Winsted's new product creativity and marketing resources, Korstar Fine Cabinetry joined forces with Winsted and formed Winsted Custom Wood (WCW). Winsted, a fifty-year commercial industry company known for command & control room consoles and furniture increased the present business model and expanded the wood shop's manufacturing capabilities into control rooms located around the world with conference room tables, podiums, commercial cabinetry, credenzas, collaboration tables, and reception/lobby desks.

Today, you can find Winsted Custom Wood products in North and South America, Europe and Asia. But the real credit goes to these very close friends, a close-knit bond to manufacturing wood products and a passionate desire to provide for themselves, their families and the love of long-term employees flying under the Winsted Custom Wood flag.

Thank you
Dennis & Greg


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